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JH Waste continues to provide winning service, support and sales in precision parts and machinery throughout the European region. JH Waste was founded on the principles of excellent customer service and 100% satisfaction. JH Waste offers complete services due to the fact that we specialize in a variety of disciplines to create a total package for all of our customers.

Your satisfaction and success with our machines and services is our priority. Our experienced team provides you with products that have been designed by experts, and manufactured to the highest quality standards. Our innovative assembly technology enables us to serve customers all over the world.


JH Waste technicians are available to assist with equipment commission and start-up. Services such as checkout, testing, calibration, and transmitter set-up are available. JH Waste offers on-site training to help get field based equipment technicians or specialty sales folks comfortable with the operation, maintenance, and ownership best practices.

JH Waste maintains a staff of travel-ready technicians that specialize in customer service. Multi-craft technicians are cross-trained personnel who can support mechanical installation, start-ups, customer training, and on-site troubleshooting. Fabricators are available for system repair and modification work. Electricians are on-site for installation and configuration services.

JH Waste offers equipment repair and refurbishment services on systems. The staff of JH Waste technicians is well-rounded with capabilities to offer structural, pump, valve, motor, transmitter, electrical, and instrumentation overhaul.  Repair estimates are generated at no cost and no obligation.

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