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Your Success Begins with Us


The current owners have over 10 years of experience in the waste industry. Our business has experienced many changes with legislation and customer requirements. What hasn’t changed are the levels of service your business demands. J.H.Waste will always endeavor to meet your needs in the most efficient and economical way.

Expect the highest quality, most innovative and cost-effective automation machine designs. Learn more about how JH Waste can assist you with your automation machinery.


JH Waste specializes in the individual needs of each customer and offers in this context a COMPLETE-SERVICE. These includes, apart from others machine inspection with technical expertise, valuations, dismantling and assembly, transport and storage, cleaning and overhauling, spare parts express service, up to commissioning and training of the machine operator.
'All from one hand' - combined with customer proximity and qualified employees with many years of international experience are available worldwide with help and advice.

Using our global network and resources, we also provide services such as construction, mechanical installation, transportation arrangements, purchasing and equipment localization to support our clients’ building plants around the globe.

JH Waste is a production technology based trading company with a global network of connections, customers and vendors which facilitate the global purchase, sale and service of various manufacturing equipment, machineries and even machinery plants. 

We consult with customers and propose the best equipment and services to match their needs. We gather production and machine technology information in consideration of the quality, performance, cost, energy efficiency and environmental friendliness from our network of global resources.

Core Competence

Our people, with a wide range of technology knowledge, who are capable of consulting customers about the equipment and machineries they need.

  • Wide-reaching connections to global equipment manufacturers and technology companies.

  • We purchase and sell globally through our own network, our customers and our vendors.

  • We are a total solution provider of machinery, applications and process technology, including after-sales.

Collection of non-hazardous waste

Non hazardous waste management, our speciality
Since 2017 JH Waste has been building on a unique know-how  and expertise in the management of non hazardous waste generated by public utilities and industries. We guarantee comprehensive management of installations, covering all health and environmental requirements, with full transparency.

We provide you assistance at every administrative step, through the design and construction of waste treatment facilities, or through the operation of existing units under delegated management contracts.

For all types of non hazardous waste
Household waste
Ordinary industrial waste
Solid waste
Construction waste
Organic waste
Sludge from wastewater treatment plants
Packaging and recyclable materials
Infectious Healthcare Waste (IHW) and medical waste
Bottom ash from solid waste incinerators
From waste to energy, our know-how
We use our know-how to offer you tailored solutions that meet all your needs, from waste treatment and recycling to the production of renewable energy from waste.
We have solid references in all segments of non hazardous waste disposal and we possess the best waste to energy technology.

Our waste treatment and recycling solutions:

  • Waste incineration with renewable energy production

  • Household waste disposal with energy recovery

  • Mechanical biological treatment of household or organic waste

  • Methanisation of biomass waste to energy

  • Organic waste composting

  • Recyclable materials sorting

  • Production of alternative fuel and bio fuel

  • Household and industry waste collection

Machine Park


Experience is valuable but without innovations a company must not be fully successful. In JH Waste we rely on dynamic growth and we realize that new solutions are very important. Hence, attempting to manufacture best quality products we invest in more and more modern automation technologies and robots as well as we have implemented innovative methods and know-how regularly.

Specializing in the design and manufacture of custom machinery for automated and semi-automated assembly systems.
Custom Machinery for Automated Systems total system approach drives system design and development efforts at JH Waste.  Lean manufacturing principals are incorporated into all our machinery designs by using the latest technologies such as bar code scanning, machine vision and servo motion control.

Benefits of JH Waste designed systems are: increased manufacturing efficiencies, higher production rates, decreased manufacturing part failures, increased repeatability and improved process control.

Areas of expertise Automated and Semi-Automated Assembly
Lean Manufacturing Cell Design
Machine Vision Integration
Motion Control Integration
Inspection & Testing Systems
Principal industries served include: Medical, Pharmaceutical, Packaging, Automotive, General Manufacturing, Food and Consumer.

Motion Control Integration
JH Wastre integrates motion controls into custom machineryIn the past, motion control was a linear process involving a consistent set of repeatable parameters and functionality. Today's fast-paced manufacturing environment demands automation systems with greater adaptability. Changing production demands often require interchangeability and different product runs on the same manufacturing lines.

The JH Waste design team is well-versed in flexible manufacturing principals and integrates these requirements into machine designs. Lean manufacturing techniques are incorporated to optimize speed, efficiency and repeatability. The end results are reduced manufacturing costs, greater flexibility and greater profits.

Integrated motion control systems are designed and built based upon JH Waste expertise with:

Machine Vision Guided Motion
Servo Drives, Motors and Motion Controllers
Stepper Motors


Service Network

System Integration:
Engineers experienced in plant floor automation provide system integration services to improve your production capabilities.

Current technologies are leveraged to design for ease of operation and maintenance. Improved product quality and reduced inefficiencies are key objectives for the  team that consistently delivers projects on time and at a competitive cost.

Benefits include:

A single source for the design, assembly and programming of production ready systems

Cost-effective integration of new equipment into existing automation systems

Installation and onsite start-up services


Control System Upgrades:
To extend the life of your existing control system, JH Waste engineers can reverse engineer undocumented programs and provide upgrade strategies that include state-of-the-art controls.

Control Panel Design and Build
JH Waste is a full service facility for engineering and fabrication of custom electrical control panels.


PLC Program Development:
PLC code development services are built upon JH Waste engineering. Using proven standards, code that your technicians will understand is provided. This enables them to independently troubleshoot problems and minimize downtime.

Program Development:

Real-time process information display
Historical data collection, storage, retrieval and analysis
Alarm detection and annunciation
Levels of security for user access
Event logging
Recipe Managment
Redundancy to minimize loss of data and downtime.

Machine Modifications:
Conversions and updates prolong the life cycle of equipment and systems, increase flexibility, and enhance productivity. Work with us on strategies and tactics to make efficient use of your existing equipment. Benefits include:

Reduced total life cycle costs of machinery
Decreased downtime
Increased product quality

JH Waste support services may include Electrical and Mechanical assistance:

Engineering or programming for Motion, PLC, Vision applications
Packaging system integration, start-up, commissioning or standby assistance
New machine design or existing machine modification
Design of guarding or sensor brackets
Troubleshooting control problems
Troubleshooting mechanical problems

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